S3E16 New Year of Valley Hoops

Baker and Vance are ready to kick-off the @ValleyHoops conference season.

  • Banter 0:27
  • Valley News 5:40
  • Game Recap 16:09
  • Recalibrate Rankings38:46
  • New Years Resolutions 46:27
  • Preview Conference Opening Games 1:01:03

S3E15 Finals Week Banter

Baker and Vance banter on recent and upcoming Valley Hoops games. Baker then sends Vance through a 10 question Gauntlet.
-0:15 Opening and Nashville Road Trip
-13:47 Holiday Hoopsgiving and Upcoming Games
-35:40 Gauntlet

S3E14 Valley Hoops Conference Game 1

Baker and Vance talk December 1&2 conference games, upcoming non-conference games, Power Rankings and Vance’s road trip to Nashville and Atlanta.
-Banter 0:31
-Valley Hoops Game 1 05:13
-Weekend Non-Conference Games 23:38
-Power Rankings 37:34
-Look Ahead/Road Trip 50:30
-NET Rankings/Close 57:03